Antiphon was founded in Hexham in 2000 by Judy Lloyd,  who studied under John Rutter at Cambridge, and performed with the Tallis Scholars and Gothic Voices.  
From the outset Antiphon’s mission was to bring high-quality singing to local churches who might otherwise have little or no music.  Alongside this Antiphon have performed in an extensive series of concerts and events across the region,  in churches, cathedrals, community venues and National Trust / English Heritage sites.  
Over the years the choir have led or taken part in many projects celebrating our Northern heritage and collaborated extensively with other professional and amateur groups.  Notable moments in Antiphon’s history have included performances of Dido and Aeneas,  Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers,  and Rachmanninov’s All-Night Vigil,  as well as a live appearance on Radio 3. 
Musical Director,  2003-present – John Roper,  B Mus ARCO
A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music,  John previously worked as DoM and organist in churches and cathedrals in his native Essex,  before settling in Northumberland.  In addition to directing Antiphon, John directs the North Tyne and Redeswater Choir,  and is DoM at St Cuthbert’s church, Bellingham,  as is much in demand in the region as an accompanist and organist.    
Musical Director, 2000-2003 – Hugh Morris
Antiphon’s first MD,  at the time assistant organist at Hexham Abbey,  is now familiar to many people as the Director of the Royal School of Church Music.